The portuguese bloggers who inspire us

Previously to The Red Wolf, my knowledge about the world of fashion blogs was residual, to the point of not memorizing a single name.

During his first research, together with Joana, he repeatedly replied “I do not know Jo” and so it was necessary to give myself to the subject and religiously follow Joana’s suggestions.

Among the suggested blogs, three have caught my attention for a long period of time. The feeling of letting me go was great and a good reason to regularly follow the blog D Concept, Anita & Blog and Stylista.

I appreciate these three blogs because they communicate about the same area in a complementary way. It is true that I do not follow them for the same reasons that people usually follow them. My interest is mainly focused on how they communicate, how colors combine, the framing of the images, the facial expressions and the natural relationship they establish with the camera.

Anita Costa

Maria Guedes

Dri, author of the blog D Concept is a nurse by profession and has training in image consulting, styling and fashion production. She is visibly in love with what she does. Try not to get carried away by the trends and your attitude, admittedly relaxed, define much of your style.

Anita, her real name (not Ana), lives in our city, Oporto. Graduated in Law has a writing that contrasts with the laws of formality. The humorous subtlety of his texts always makes me feel good.

Drawing Anita’s face was a real challenge, there were countless drawings until I could convince myself that I had something to send to Joana, who was walking the streets of Lisbon at the time. The answer was soon negative, “forget it! nor does it look like Anita … “. So much effort and a simple sms had led me to the carpet. It was necessary to convince me that the challenge of identifying someone through illustration was a job that required a good deal of struggle. Anita’s face is soft and delicate, so the design had to be minimalist and the few existing lines would have to be revealing of her identity. There was no room for purely aesthetic lines. In the end, this illustration had taken me three times as long.

To complete our inspiring trio, Maria Guedes, author of the blog and the Stylista market, was missing. At the end of November we had the opportunity to debut in Lisbon at the Winter Market Stylista 2016 and get to know their work more closely. The experience was a success and exceeded all our expectations.

In the illustration for Maria we went looking for a novelty in the drawing. We wanted to hit the first one with an element that conveyed its sophistication and softness.

We chose the line and crossed it from one side of the drawing to the other. Simple and effective as Mary is.

Photos: Dri, Anita e Maria Guedes