Interview with the American website DENY Design

The American website DENY Design has asked us some questions and we think it is important to make known what is done in Portugal.

How do you stay creative?
Creativity has to be worked every day. We see good works of illustrations, photography, art and all that is related to the creative work.
The starting point for a creative work can begin in a single moment to look at something interesting, to the attention by color, shape or other feature
Creativity is a job like any other, has advances and retreats, has rules, a method that is developed and improved every day.

What are you inspired by?
We invest a lot of time to search for images related to the themes developed. Since fashion editorials, blogs, photos, anything that can serve as inspiration or base to create. Our references are many, this time the woman and nature are two of our biggest inspirations. Love can join these two elements and in different ways.

What is your favorite trend and how have you incorporated it into your designs?
Our favorite trend is the lifestyle and we seek to create illustrations with personality and always valuing the female figure. Strong lines and colors are the elements that best explore in our work.

What is the story behind your favorite design in your gallery?
Honestly we do not have favorite illustrations. The stories are made by people who buy our illustrations, many have told us “this woman is me when I was younger,” or “the style of this woman is the same as mine.” When people talk a lot about your work, you start to feel that the work almost does not belong to you. Each illustration has a different story to each person and that makes us very happy.