Ideas for Christmas gifts for friends

Finding the ideal Christmas gift for the people we really love can be reason enough for a desperate call for help!

When we start the adventure of shopping, our exacting standards are high, we want to escape the banality of clothing or chocolates and cause a reaction of complete happiness when the wrapping is torn.

So that nothing fails, keep some details in mind. If the aim is to take a chance and actively participate in the decoration of the home, choose the right size, the largest (50 x 70 cm) and choose a colour that fits the decor. An illustration that fills a space in a home and the existence of a chromatic coherence are important elements. However, if looking for a gift at an affordable price, with a small dose of responsibility, opt for the smaller size, the A4. There is always room for a small painting anywhere in the house.

Add a card to the gift with a small dedication, wrap it beautifully and enjoy the moment.