Taste of Portugal.


Taste of Portugal. wants to spread joy with Portuguese culture and handcraft.

On the blog you’ll find carefully curated travel suggestions with a strong focus on design and authenticity. With their online store, Taste of Portugal. wants to further support local designers and craftspeople.

Since 2017, Taste of Portugal. is our official partner in Switzerland and beyond that we are very excited to be launching a collaborative project before this summer.


Liliana Isabel Belchior, founder and Creative Director, was born in Portugal and grew up in Switzerland. She feels very lucky to have spent her childhood in two different countries. Nature and people have always fascinated her. Although she loves the Swiss mountains, the Portuguese beaches and nature were her first home. «I love to hike and I’m eternally grateful for being surrounded by this amazing Swiss nature. But to be honest, standing at the beach, hearing the waves break, that’s freedom to me.» She says.

Liliana loves jewellery, interior design and to create things. With Taste of Portugal. she can share her passions with her friends and all of those in love with Portugal and its creativity. She strongly believes in partnerships. Taste of Portugal. lives thanks to the dedication, creativity and love of each designer for Portuguese handcraft and tradition.

Photos: With a Touch of Sea Salt
Website: www.tasteofportugal.eu


The Woman Color 7


50cm x 70cm · 40cm x 40 cm · 21cm x 29,7 cm