The Red Wolf is a portuguese brand of illustration and design.
The brand is a joint venture, created in 2016, by Filipe Duarte and Joana Campos Silva, who both work from their home studio, based in Oporto – Portugal.

Filipe Duarte works as a designer since 2001 in the areas of Graphic Design and Multimedia. It is also professor at Soares dos Reis Artistic School in the course of Communication Design since 2006. Filipe’s career choice had nothing to do with chance. Ever since he can remember, creativity, art, the search for an aesthetic have always been there.

Joana Campos Silva is a fashion specialist in strategy and brand development, creative projects management and networking. The creative arts ‘calling’ manifested itself at a very early age in Joana. With a degree in Sound and Image/Digital Arts by Católica University and a Post-Graduation in Creative Industries Management.

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