About Maria Guedes Stylista

A blog, a book, two markets a year and collaborations with various brands. More than we need to inspire us.

Maria Guedes, founder of Stylista, does not need great presentations for netizens who habitually blog.

Married, mother of two children (Manuel and Pia), she loves style / shopping and the digital universe, and considers being fortunate enough to be able to make this area her profession.

She studied Marketing and Advertising, worked for some years in agencies (FCB, Ogilvy and other smaller ones) and in 2006 went to New York where she lived almost two years and studied Fashion Studies, in Parsons. After much animation, many life lessons and much personal and professional enrichment, he has returned to his roots because he can not stay away from friends and family.

Collaborate with various brands (both in design and product dissemination) and enjoy meeting creative and enterprising people. It habitually shares in its digital platforms the places and new projects that it has the pleasure to know and it adores each second that happens to run from one side to the other. Mary assumes that she would not trade into this life for any more.

In 2009 he created the Stylista and launched the book “So Much Clothes and Nothing to Wear”.

Our first contact was at the end of 2016, when we participated in the Winter Market Stylista, market that organizes since 2013 (in the declensions Summer and Winter). It was our debut in Lisbon and the opportunity to get to know your work more closely. We remain dedicated to the professionalism of the event and the whole team.

In the illustration that we decided to create after participating in the Stylista, we went in search of the modernity, the balance and the subtlety that Maria transmits to us. The line was graphic element that we found to represent these concepts and a novelty in the work that we have developed so far.

Photos: Maria Guedes and The Red Wolf

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