About Drizinha

We created the Dri illustration to present a woman who inspires us. Dri is the author of the wonderful D Concept blog.

Her name is Andreia, but everyone calls her Dri.
She is a lover, been married for one year with the best person she has ever met.

She thinks that being the only girl between her siblings, helps define what she is and always has been: tomboy, resourceful but also very spoiled. She told us that, maybe because she was the only girl, she learned/developed her fondness for taking care of others and also what led her to become a nurse.

Despite loving her job, she has always been in love with clothes, style and image. And her source of inspiration are the people she meets everyday… either by the colour combination or by the mix of accessories!

She tries not to be carried away by trends and above all, maintains her own laid‐back style. The same way she gets her inspiration, she hopes her blog can inspire others!

Photos: Dri

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