Anita & The Blog

You can tell when a person is really passionate about what they do. When we first read the Anita blog, we loved it and quickly became fans.

She is Portuguese, lives in our city, Porto and her real name is Anita (not Ana).
She is graduated from Law school last year and now getting a master’s degree in International Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra.

Anita has two brothers and one sister and is obsessed with her family. Anita still has a dog, the Hamlet who loves him to the moon and back!

She worked as an actress and moved to Los Angeles in 2010, but eventually returned to Portugal a year later.

Anita is a creative driven mind, this girl is always inspiring us, at work and in her personal life with her histories. From fashion to interior decorating, we are always impressed.

Photos: Anita

design illustration for home decor

The Woman Nature 4


50cm x 70cm · 40cm x 40 cm · 21cm x 29,7 cm